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At Softmint, we work with the Top IT Talent to provide the highest-quality IT Outsource Services in the industry. Our engineers bring tailored-fit solutions to the table to help our clients mitigate risks, reduce launch times, increase flexibility, and boost innovation. Our IT outsourcing services stand out for their ability to help companies get an edge over the competition.

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The driving force behind our success story is our people. Creating a human synergy brimming on
innovative pursuits, we enjoy making your life easier. Of course, that's what we are about!

Why Softmint

Our mission is to provide you with an all-in-one template so you don't have to look aside in order to get what you need

  • Cost-effective pricing structure :

    We promote a strong value proposition by having the ability to offer cost-effective and high-quality IT services. By working with a software outsourcing with us, you can benefit by receiving good products and services at low cost with compared to world market price.

  • Technical Knowledge :

    We provide right fit for your needs. Sri Lanka is a one of the few countries provide free education until graduation, this make sure our highest quality graduates in the industry. Therefore, we can meet your demand fast.

  • English language skills:

    Almost 100% in the IT sector speak English. At Softmint, knowledge of the English language is a must when it comes to Outsourcing services.

  • Time zone:

    Sri Lanka GMT +5.30 and is very well positioned and more or less provide around the clock work progress form most of European and America. This is a big plus when it comes to the implementation of agile development around the clock. Also Softmint make sure overlap time to work with clients.

  • Time efficiency :

    By working with experienced IT professionals, you will be able to complete your software projects in less time. IT professionals in Softmint will respect your deadlines and will work efficiently to ensure that your projects get completed on time.

IT Franchise

Softmint Software Solution IT delivers world-class IT service solutions to small-to-medium and Large scale business across the nation.

Our proven business model is founded upon selecting the right entrepreneurs to franchise with our brand. While we don’t require our franchise owners to have IT experience, we do require a passion for technology and a desire to run your business in the role of a CEO.

Softmint IT franchise owners enjoy multiple revenue streams

In addition to growing our managed IT services segment, Softmint IT franchise owners benefit from offering
an array of services that help diversify their business, increase profitability and foster growth.


You do not need to be an engineer or a long-time IT professional to run a successful Te IT franchise. As an owner, you will hire technicians to serve your customers.

You will reach out to potential customers, learn about their businesses and offer technology solutions that will make their businesses more efficient, secure and profitable.

Softmint IT Benefits

We are 100% committed to the success of our franchisees and have built an infrastructure and corporate systems that are laser focused on franchisee success.


Softmint IT provides new owners a week of classroom training for two people 27 hours of pre-opening training that is conducted online or through webinars and phone consultation.


Our franchisee support team is second to none, with subject matter experts in every aspect of the business


Softmint IT franchisees use a combination of marketing channels to reach customers.

Research & Development

We have a team dedicated to research and development that enables Softmint IT to remain relevant and ahead of the competition.

Vendor Relationships

We have strict requirements when it comes to the vendors we utilize and partner with.

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